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Jackson Country Kennel is located in Jackson, Georgia, at the heart of Butts County. It was established in 2007, and has quickly become the premier boarding and bathing facility in the area for both dogs and cats.

The Weeks family, owners and operators of Jackson Country Kennel, have always been animal lovers and are passionate about taking care of animals in need. As a United States Marine Corps Veteran, Mike is proud to now serve the community by providing a safe and comfortable place to board beloved pets. Mikes daughter, Shannon, has 20 years of kennel experience.

The Weeks are active in the area, and run a yearly donation drive for a local rescue organization, Butts Mutts. They have also worked with many rescues to provide a temporary home for newly adopted dogs in the process of being transported to their forever homes, as well as provide a safe space for dogs looking for their forever home. Their goal is to give all pets the very best care as they treat them as part of their own family.

What to expect.

At Jackson Country Kennel, you can expect the highest level of service for you and your pet. We know that your pet is an important part of your family, and our fully-trained staff makes sure to care for your dog or cat as one of our own. We have served over 2,000 clients since being established, and with this experience you can rest assured that your pets are in good hands.

Jackson Country Kennel proudly serves pets in the following communities: Locust Grove, Monticello, Flovilla, Juliette, Jenkinsburg, Indian Springs, Forsyth, McDonough, and Blacksville and many more. We have also had the opportunity to serve and welcome pets from other communities in Georgia and other states.

Frequently asked questions.

Are reservations required?

Yes. We require boarding reservations to ensure that all of our guests have a place to stay. We tend to book up very quickly, especially on holidays, school breaks, and over the summer, so we encourage clients to make reservations as soon as possible.

We also require appointments for drop-off bathing services.

Are vaccinations required?

Yes. In order to protect your pet, as well as all other guests at the kennel, we will not be able to board or bathe any pet that is not up-to-date on their vaccines. Jackson Country Kennel must have written proof from your veterinarian that your pet is up-to-date on all of their vaccines prior to boarding or bathing.

All vaccines must be given by a licensed veterinarian. We do not accept vaccines given at home.

Dogs must be vaccinated against Rabies, Bordetella and Distemper Parvo.

Cats must be vaccinated against Rabies and FVRCP.

Although we do not require the flu vaccine, we highly recommend getting it as an extra level of protection.

Can my dog get sick at Jackson Country Kennel?
While we are very strict on vaccines and clean religiously, there we cannot guarantee that your pet will not get sick during or after their stay at Jackson Country Kennel. The two most common types of illnesses we see are kennel cough and gastroenteritis.

Every pet that enters our facility has their Bordetella vaccine to help protect them from kennel cough.  The bordetella vaccine does offer protection against infections caused by the bacteria but it IS NOT 100% effective. (think of it as a human getting a flu shot to help protect against getting the flu – it doesn’t 100% guarantee that you won’t get the flu). Most dogs are most contagious before they show any symptoms. We let the pet-parents know, just as children’s daycare would. Due to the incubation period for kennel cough it’s possible that dogs don’t show any symptoms while with us – so we depend on the owners to report any illness after their pet gets home. We do our best to inform clients so that they can make informed decisions as to the risks they want to take.

Gastroenteritis is the other most common illness we see. Most of the time, pets can get an upset stomach due to being at a new place and learning a new routine. Most cases of diarrhea get better after the first day but we do call to let owners know of any cases so that they are aware. In addition, we STRONGLY encourage you to bring your pet’s normal food for them during their stay. An abrupt change in food also is a leading contributor to an upset stomach.
What is kennel cough?

Kennel cough is a highly contagious respiratory disease that is spread by direct dog-to-dog contact, through freshly contaminated objects, or primarily through the air. Most dogs do not exhibit symptoms for 3 to 14 days after exposure. Symptoms often include a dry cough, nasal discharge, sneezing, inappetence and lethargy. If your pet exhibits any symptoms, please take them to your vet.

Does Jackson Country Kennel pay for the treatment of kennel cough?

No. We are not responsible for the treatment of kennel cough. Just as you wouldn’t expect a school to pay for a child getting a cold from school, we do not pay for the treatment of kennel cough. It is a risk that is taken when a lot of dogs are in one place, just like people gathering and contracting a cold or the flu. We make all efforts to contact owners when a case has been reported and we have a cleaning protocol in place for the facility.

Do you have a minimum age requirement for boarding?

Your pet must be at least 4 months (16 weeks) old to board with Jackson Country Kennel.

Most puppies receive their last round of puppy shots around 16 weeks old. In order to board at JCK, puppies need to have finished all of their puppy shots. This minimum age requirement is for your puppy’s own protection. Even though we require every pet that boards with us to be vaccinated, puppies immune systems are not fully developed and they are at a higher risk of being exposed to air-borne viruses and have a harder time fighting them off.

Cats must also be at least 16 weeks of age and have finished all rounds of kitten vaccines. (FVRCP and Rabies)

For more information visit: or consult your veterinarian.

What time is checkout?

Our check-out time is noon. While you are not required to pick your pet up by noon, if they stay past the check-out time, you will be billed for that day.

PM Checkout will be in effect on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoons.

Do you offer Sunday pick-up?

We do offer Sunday pick up. Our hours on Sundays are 3:00 to 5:00 PM and if you pick up on a Sunday, you will be charged for the day.

Do you give facility tours?

Yes. We would love to meet you and show you our facility before you make a reservation. Please contact us to schedule an appointment for a tour.

Note: While we can’t wait to meet your baby, we do not allow for them to come on the tours, so please leave them at home. This is for the safety of your baby and the rest of our guests.

Why is the gate closed?

If the gate is closed, it is after business hours. Please do not drive down the private driveway to access the kennel after open hours.

What should I do if I call and get a busy signal or no one answers?

We only have one phone line so it may be busy during business hours. If you are unsuccessful getting through by phone, we are very quick to respond to emails! If you email, please try to include your name and phone number, your pets name, and the exact dates you are looking for. If you call and get the voicemail during business hours, we are most likely assisting a customer in the lobby. Please leave a detailed message and we will get back with you. If you do not leave a message, we have no way of knowing who called since it is a land line.

Are you closed on holidays?

All pets in our care will be looked after, walked, and played with every day of the year.
However, we are closed to the public on the following holidays:

New Year’s Eve (closed at noon)
New Year’s Day
Memorial Day
4th of July
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Day after Thanksgiving
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day

Should I bring my pet's food?

We do encourage you to bring your own dog food. Any changes in your pet’s eating habits could lead to an upset stomach. We ask that you bring your pet’s food in a labeled, sealed airtight container or zip-lock bag. We have a refrigerator if your pet has special food that requires refrigeration.

Should I bring my pet's medication?

If your pet requires medication, we ask that you bring the medication in its original prescribed container, with the instructions from the veterinarian. Our trained staff will provide your pet with the medication needed during his or her stay. We do have a refrigerator if the medication requires it.

Should I bring my pet's comfort items?

We encourage our clients to bring anything that would make their pets feel more at home. We do ask that owners label all items that they bring. Please do not bring items, toys, or blankets with sentimental value.

Treating your pet like family.

We want your pet to love his or her home away from home at Jackson Country Kennel. We proudly serve both dogs and cats and encourage advance reservations.

Clean and happy pets.

Whether your pet is staying with us or just needs a good bath, we offer expert pet bathing services and nail trims. Few things are better than snuggling with your freshly bathed pet.

Treating your pet like family.

We want your pet to love his or her home away from home at Jackson Country Kennel. We proudly serve both dogs and cats and encourage advance reservations.

Clean and happy pets.

Whether your pet is staying with us or just needs a good bath, we offer expert pet bathing services and nail trims. Few things are better than snuggling with your freshly bathed pet.

Kind words from our clients.

The best boarding facility ever. Kind, friendly staff. Just can’t say enough good about it.

Betty H.

Very nice, like another home for your pet! My baby was so happy!

Jackie M.

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